Paige Redmon- ETBU Student Affairs

Paige_Redmon.jpg Hometown: Randolph, Texas

Major: Business Administration

Concentration: Management 

Plans after graduation After graduating I plan on staying here at ETBU and getting my MBA. I want to someday work in the business side of organizations that work with children in some way. Whether that being; with camps, schools, or any other type of company whose main purpose is helping children in any way. 

"Getting to work in the Student Affairs office for my internship was a great privilege. I love ETBU and seeing what’s behind the sense of making this university as great as it is was a joy to be part of. I was able to learn how a smooth functioning office works and also having to work under pressure with time limits and deadlines to be aware of. Seeing and experiencing these things first hand will greatly benefit me in my future job opportunities. This internship allowed me to learn the formal way of setting up meetings with higher ranking personnel and learning how to speak when proposing an idea to market something for the university or an idea for an event that the university could put on for the students. This internship also taught me new computer software skills that could be used in any job at any time. These skills that I acquired during my internship are skills that I will carry with me in any job I become a part of."