CHINA 2011

As the world’s most populous country, China is a perfect destination for International Travel Study. This vast country is a contemporary lab for entrepreneurial spirit and energetic business growth. In addition to visiting Chinese businesses in person, students gain from the very impressive experience of “living in China” for several weeks. Although it may be the ‘experience of a lifetime’ for many, we hope it will spark a lifelong interest in and love for global study.



 "I had never been to so many businesses and companies before we went to China! We are business students, we should go out into the world like this, learning something so very useful for our futures. I also learned so much from Dr. May's management style and how she managed our group. It is a fun and fast way to experience the world of business. Go on this trip, it will open your eyes and gain experience from the outside world!"

  - Sam Chen



"A trip worth taking! A great opportunity to grab and experience at ETBU that opens oneself to a world of opportunities and change. Experience first hand and apply to life what you have been learning, are you up for a challenge that will change your world views?"


- Kristine Reyes