Meet the Director

Sebastian_and_I.jpgThis year I'm celebrating ten years of teaching English in the university. My love for my students and my discipline has grown steadily stronger as I have learned more about the indivisible relationship between my calling as a professor and the love of Him who calls me. Directing the University Scholars Program gives me the opportunity to work with students who learn, support one another, and enjoy themselves with ardor. They want not only knowledge, but wisdom.  I'm honored to help guide them through their university years.Living on campus, I get to have them over for homemade cakes and discussions of CS Lewis. They play with my two boys (that's Sebastian asleep on my back) or swap stories with my husband. The Scholars and I get to stumble through the woods together on a night hike with a professional biologist, and to listen in awe together as the Dallas Symphony performs St. Matthew's Passion. Last year some of them traveled with me to England to study Romantic period literature.

I try (falteringly) to share with them the grace and joy of the Christian intellectual life. Right now I'm working on a project called Love and Reading, using recent work by phenomenologist Jean-Luc Marion to examine reading as an exercise in the habits of Christian love. The project grows out of an essay collection I edited called Intersections in Christianity and Critical Theory. I also do research in English Romanticism, especially working-class writing and autobiography.

Next year we look forward to offering even more great University Scholars classes and to getting to know a new group of Scholars!

Feel free to contact me at: or by phone at: 903. 923. 2284.

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Recent Classes:

  • ENGL 1301 and 1302 - English Composition

  • ENGL 2331 - World Literature

  • ENGL 2341 - Forms of Literature

  • ENGL 3305 - Critical Theory

  • ENGL 4340 - Studies in Genres: Development of the Novel

  • ENGL 4320 - Literary Periods: English Romanticism

  • Publications:

    "Love and Reading: Reading Fugitive Pieces as Idol and Icon." Integrite. Fall 2012

    "John Clare's Sketchy Selves" John Clare Society Journal. 2012

    Intersections in Christianity and Critical Theory, ed. Palgrave: Basingstoke, 2010.

    'A Mote in the Eye of Literature': English Working-Class Autobiography, 1820-1848. Cambria Press: Amherst and London, forthcoming.

    "Art and Sanctification" in Matter '09: Theology and the Arts. Shechem Press, 2010.

    "John Henry Newman and Today's Liberal Arts Community" Modern Language Studies, 2006.

    "The Sin of the Ancient Mariner" Lamar Humanities Review, 2004.

    Selected Presentations:

    "Reinventing Romanticism, Rediscovering Popular Culture" International Conference on Romanticism, 2011, Universite de Montreal

    "Reading Fugitive Pieces as Idol and Icon" 20th Century Research Seminar, 2011, Baylor University. 

    "Love and Reading" The Hospitable Text, 2010, Notre Dame Centre, London.

    "An Aesthetics of Transformation" Keynote Address - Matter 2009, Austin Seminary.

    "Good Reading: The Ethics of Christian Literary Theory" Conference on Christianity and Literature, 2008, LeTourneau University. 

    "The Myth of the Machine: Dehumanizing Language in Higher Education" Myth, Meaning and Education, 2005, Edinburgh University.

    "Il Convivio: Education as Nourishment" Romanticism and Childhood, 2004, Stanford University.



PhD, English, University of York, York, England

MLA, Liberal Arts, St. John's College, Santa Fe, NM

BA, English, University of Georgia

Exchanges: Oxford University, Southern Oregon University 

Academic Awards:

  • Dickinson Research Fund Award – 2010
  • East Texas Baptist University’s Teaching Innovation Award - 2009
  • East Texas Baptist University’s Faculty Research Grant - 2008
  • The University of York’s Graduate Student Research Grant – 2008
  • Dickinson Research Fund Award – 2007/2008
  • National Endowment for the Humanities Research Grant- 2004
  • Faculty Mentor Award – Lamar State College – 2004/2004
  • Faculty Incentive Award – Lamar State College – 2002/2003