Benefits of the University Scholars Program

The University Scholars Program at East Texas Baptist University seeks to provide students with unique opportunities to create learning environments where discussions expand beyond the boundaries of the typical classroom.

In addition to distinctive classroom experiences, student-scholars also receive the following benefits:


  • $1,000 scholarships for two years (12 of these)  Molly_Laughing.jpg
  • Eligible for $500 travel study stipend. For application click here.
  • Participate in social events, lecture series, and out of town trips
  • Visit cultural attractions with the university sponsoring or fully funding the trip   
  • Receive additional advising from the program director
  • Eligible for $500 stipend to present at a conference. For application click here.
  • Live in community with other Scholars students
  • Attend BOTSGATAB at Dr. Falke's House (BeginningOfTheSemesterGetTogetherAndBash)