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LEAD 2301
Leadership Theory & Practice

Students will learn various historical, current, and emerging approaches to leadership theory and come to understand the strengths and weaknesses associated with each theory.  Students will explore and evaluate leadership theories and models to identify those appropriate to their own leadership practice.

Next Offered:
Fall 2014

LEAD 3301
Leadership Foundations

Students will explore the philosophical foundations which lie at the heart of current leadership theory and practice.  Students will explore and critique leadership philosophies in order to identify presuppositions inherent in modern theories and models of leadership.  This critique will equip students to determine those models which best fit their own areas of leadership.

Next Offered:
Spring 2015

LEAD 4301
Leadership for the Future

Students will explore leadership applications for business, politics, education, and community.  Further students will identify pressing challenges for society and explore ways that leaders can be engaged in creating change.  This course requires students to give special attention to the practice of personal reflection, especially with regards to personal beliefs about leadership.

Next Offered:
Spring 2016