Freshman Challenge 2014

One of the most difficult challenges of leadership is learning to balance work and personal responsibilities, time for rest and work, and social relationships necessary to maintain a productive and healthy environment.  Although we discuss time management and setting priorities specifically in week 5 of Learning & Leading, during the course of the entire semester, each new student participates in the Freshman Challenge, a competition between Learning and Leading Class Sections in which each section will work to earn points by participating in aspects of campus life while maintaining strong academic work. At the end of the semester, prizes will be awarded to each member of the section with the highest average number of points.

Congratulations to Dr. Nandamudi's LEAD 1111 Section 1 - 2013 Freshman Challenge Winners

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Section # Facilitator Total Pts Avg. Score
1 Dr. Israel Nandamudi    
2 Dr. Allyn Lueders    
3 Dr. Tom Webster    
4 Dr. Elijah Brown    
5 Ms. Larissa Leifer    
6 Dr. Troy White    
7 Ms. Elizabeth Ponder    
8 Dr. John Sargent    
9 Mr. David Collins    
10 Dr. Emily Prevost    
11 Ms. Shelby Thomas    
12 Mr. Randy Pringle    
13 Dr. Sandy Hoover    
14 Dr. Tommy Sanders    
15 Dr. Lisa Seeley    
16 Mr. Blair Prevost    
17 Dr. Catherine Crawford    
18 Mr. Vince Blankenship    
20 Ms. Kelley Paul     
21 Mr. Mark Yates    
22 Ms. Joanna Soles    
23 Ms. Cameron Winters    

updated 7/23/2014